In order to succeed in its goal of increasing access to training and learning opportunities for learners across the vast geography of the region VUSSC serves, the organisation requires effort and support from a large number of people who serve in various capacities to plan, develop and support delivery of the programmes and courses.


These people serve in a number of structures including:

VUSSC Management Committee

Instituted in 2008, the VUSSC Management Committee plays an important role in helping the VUSSC achieve its goals. The committee is made up of members nominated by their respective Ministry of Education and/or national institution who each serve a three-year term.


Supporting the collaborative aims of VUSSC

The committee works closely with a Commonwealth of Learning Education Specialist to implement all VUSSC initiatives. As well as facilitating the work of the committee, the Learning Education Specialist provides the group with the support required to achieve the primary goals and objectives of VUSSC including:


  • Deciding on the direction and implementation of VUSSC initiatives as well as managing a sustainable VUSSC business plan and budget
  • Collaborating with other post-secondary institutions and other educational agencies to develop free content resources for education and training and broaden access in education
  • Promoting VUSSC and its vision and mission to its stakeholders, the small states of the Commonwealth, including their national and regional bodies.


A complete list of the Management Committee objectives and other details are available in the VUSSC Management Committee Terms of Reference.

Did you know?

By expanding access to learning, VUSSC enables small states to become active contributors to global development and leaders in educational reform through the innovative use of information and communication technologies.