VUSSC Course Catalogue

Introduction to AI for IT and Non-IT Professionals


Interested in learning more about the power and potential for artificial intelligence (AI) in a variety of different applications?


Sign up for this introductory level course on AI that will help you explore the many concepts associated with this emerging technology and help you learn more about the trends, technologies and tools for AI and AI in business, society, and industry.


This online, self-paced course will take place over six weeks, and start with AI’s most basic concepts before moving forward with advanced topics such as Deep Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things and Blockchain.


Students should expect to spend 4- 5 hours per week studying over the six weeks of the course.


More information on the course content is available in this course flyer. To register for the course, please click here.



As the fourth of fourth courses, this free MOOC focuses on how developing a sustainable Blue Economy is relevant to countries across the world. The five-week course is divided into five units:


Unit 1: Climate and Coastal Adaptation

Unit 2: Coastal and Marine Tourism

Unit 3: Maritime Transport and Ports

Unit 4: Maritime Security  

Unit 5: Waste Assimilation


This MOOC is facilitated by Kelly Hoareau, Director of the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute at University of Seychelles (UniSey) and delivered through a partnership between two internationally recognized institutions:



More information on the course contents and course outcomes is available here or in this course flyer.