VUSSC Course Catalogue


Through our partners across the Commonwealth, VUSSC has collaborated with 17 institutions in 12 countries to offer a wide array of training and educational opportunities. These opportunities range from short continuing education courses to certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate courses.


Expanding reach brings success for learners and educators

The success of the VUSSC process is the ability to help connect institutions and their learners with already existing programmes and courses, expanding the reach of our partner institutions and broadening the access of learners to options that may be unavailable to them in their community or country.


All agriculture professionals, be it farmers, wholesalers, distributors and providers of technology must have a basic grounding in the different topics that impact the ability to produce and distribute agricultural products.


This Business Research course is designed to prepare future entrepreneurs to employ research methods to gather, collate, and analyze business data that is important to the success of their business venture.


This examines the work of educators and curriculum theorists, both past and present, who have contributed and/or continue to contribute to knowledge within the field.


Oceans are vital, not only to a wide array of biodiversity and ecosystems, but also to the food chains, livelihoods and climate regulation for a human population heading towards nine billion people.

Professional Development

This six week professional development course prepares participating faculty members and tutors to effectively deliver online courses.


This manual course content can be used by learners preparing for other certifications including Linux+ and the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certification.


This 255-hour certificate course is intended for people who are already tour guides or who are aspiring to become tour guides.


Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses for a Bachelor of Youth Development Work.

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