Global Rainbow Foundation build for support Persons with Disabilities in Mauritius

In order for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) to be better prepared to take advantage of economic and educational opportunities available to them, members of the Global Rainbow Foundation, a local Mauritius NGO, have recently launched an ambitious project designed to directly assist PWDs as well as practitioners who work with and support the PWD community.


Plan identifies two key audiences: PWDs and the various groups who support them

Designed to also raise awareness and build sensitization among public- and private –sector companies around including PWD in the workplace, the technology-enabled learning project is focusing on developing skills training and daily living training modules for persons with specific categories of disability. This targeted approach is also aimed at educating direct service workers, teachers, volunteers and others who provide care, support and assistance to PWDs.

Using this two-pronged approach, supporters of the project are collaborating with staff of the Commonwealth of Learning staff as well as UK-based Diversity and Ability to conduct a review of the current situation and what next steps could be.


Three step approach aims to complete by mid-2021

As they work through a series of exercises with local PWDs and PWD supporters, project team members are hoping to have a number of online and blended educational modules available to both key audiences before the end of 2021.

More information on this groundbreaking project can be located through

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